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    Shoebox Light


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    Flood Light


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    Highbay Light


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    Ceiling Fixture


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    Ceiling Panels

    2x2/2x4/4" to 12"

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    Decorative Lights


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    Canopy Light


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    Solar Lights


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    Vanity Fixture


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    LED Wall Lights

    Single Bed & Double Bed

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    HO Sign Tube


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Benefits of LED
Longlasting Life

LED bulbs gives outstanding operational and lives for life time expectation of sometimes varies from 15000 hours to 50,000 hours. LED lights are very good energy efficient and moreover LED lights are better than the regular CFL lights because LED lights consume less power than the regular CFL lights and gives more light with less power consumption...

LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Regular CFL bulbs contain materials like mercury which are very dangerous for the environment. LED lights doesn't contain toxic materials and moreover LED lights are 100% recyclable, and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. The life time of LED is good and also that 1 LED light bulb can save of almost 10 to 15 regular CFL bulbs of the material which is a big step towards a greener planet!
Energy Saving

By using of LED lights you can save energy as well as money of your pocket. When you are using regular CFL bulbs with the electricity bill, 10 to 15% power will be consumed by the Ballast to run your existing bulbs to heat the room, not to light it! LED don't need Ballast, and with the help of LED lights which gives you more efficiency and also saves 50% to 80% of energy.
Less Maintainance

A low-voltage power supply is sufficient for LED lights, which makes you easy to use LED lighting also in outdoor places, by connecting an external solar-energy source and is a big advantage when it comes to using LED technology in remote places. There are many other benefits you see when you start converting from regular CFL lights to LED lights...